The ReCODE Report™

The ReCODE Report™ is generated from a very specific set of lab and genome tests curated by Dr. Bredesen. After the results are submitted, a personalized ReCODE Report™ is generated, providing a snapshot of the participant’s current state of cognitive decline.

The goal is not simply to normalize metabolic parameters, but rather to optimize them. This personalized list highlights the participant’s primary areas of concern and suggests how to specifically address each issue.

The Prevention Program

The Prevention Program is designed for anyone with dementia in the family, or anyone at risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Utilizing Dr. Bredesen’s proprietary protocol, a personalized preventative program is generated to normalize all metabolic parameters to prevent the onset of cognitive decline. Please do not wait—get your numbers checked and stay sharp for decades.

The Reversal Program

We have designed an optimal program to stop the progression of cognitive decline and begin improvement—the only effective program to date. This is a comprehensive personalized program that utilizes The Bredesen Protocol™ to optimize many different metabolic parameters to enhance cognition and reverse cognitive decline.