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Our clinic serves Arlington and Concord, MA with the latest in depression treatments. At our clinic, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard in TMS Therapy in an environment that is respectful, friendly, and caring.

Several treatments for depression exist, such as antidepressants, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and vagus nerve stimulation (VNS). While antidepressants are the most common treatment for depression, they often have side effects that can become unbearable. ECT treatment for depression requires sedation to administer and intentionally causes a seizure in order to function. Common side effects with ECT can include short-term confusion and memory loss which may persist indefinitely in some people. Safer options such as TMS Therapy and depression counseling can be considered for those concerned with the side effects of these other depression treatments. TMS therapy in particular is a new, extremely exciting non-invasive treatment for depression. We have used TMS to help many people who have suffered with treatment resistant depression, in some cases, their entire life.

Our practice has had great success in treating people with depression, and we truly feel we can help you or your loved one. Please fill out the form at right and contact us today about the work we’re doing with patients to help free them from their depression.